20 January 2021
The work of the Situational Logistics Center of Oboronlogistics in 2020
In the context of the coronovirus pandemic SLC demonstrated its broad capabilities in conducting online events.
30 December 2020
We wish you good health, happiness and prosperity.
30 December 2020
Oboronlogistics LLC sums up the results of 2020
The Company's sea transportation showed the greatest positive dynamics.
29 December 2020
Ferry Baltiysk delivered to Kaliningrad a new experimental tram
Ferry transportation is a convenient way to transport oversized cargo.
28 December 2020
Oboronlogistics made additional flights on the Novaya Zemlya
Additional flights were performed by An-148 aircraft.
16 December 2020
Ferry Baltiysk transferred Oboronlogistics
Oboronlogistics and Rosmorport concluded the bareboat charter agreement, according to which Baltiysk ferry was leased to Oboronlogistics.
4 December 2020
Oborologistics restored building in the center of Moscow
Oborologistics LLC completed overhaul of the building, located at the address: Moscow, Goncharnaya street, building 28A.
25 November 2020
Oboronlogistics becomes the sole operator of rail ferry line Ust-Luga – Baltiysk
The operation of two ferries will allow Oboronlogistics to ensure continuous and uninterrupted operation of the line.
16 November 2020
Oboronlogistics delivers specialists of Military-construction complex to Novaya Zemlya
Since the beginning of 2020, OBL-SERVICE LLC has delivered 324 passengers and more than 80 tons of cargo.
30 October 2020
Pizhma is ready to perform new tasks
The ship has received certificates of the ISM code (international code for safety management) and the MLC (Maritime labour Convention).
16 October 2020
Oboronlogistics completes summer navigation 2020 with cargo delivery to Tiksi
Oboronlogistics sent 4 sea vessels with construction materials  with a total weight of 7.3 thousand tons from the port of Arkhangelsk to the port of Tiksi.
8 October 2020
Oboronlogistics joined the Association of support the implementation of the state defense order
The main goals of the ASVGOZ are to create transparent competition, reduce risks, and optimize deadlines.
2 October 2020
Oboronlogistics delivered goods to the nature reserve on Wrangel Island
All works ware carried out taking into account the requirements of the environmental legislation.
28 September 2020
Oboronlogistics completed the Northern delivery 2020
Oboronlogistics solves the problem of combining cargo delivered on the same vessels in the interests of various agencies.
24 September 2020
Oboronlogistics analyzed the results of the first half of 2020
The most positive dynamics were shown by sea transportation.
16 September 2020
JSC 1470 UMTO has completed the first stage of modernization
Implemented decisions has allowed to improve the quality of concrete products.
14 September 2020
Oboronlogistics delivered the Military-construction complex specialists to the Novaya Zemlya
Two flights were made on the route of Arkhangelsk-Novaya Zemlya-Arkhangelsk by an An-148.
11 September 2020
Sparta IV participates in the Northern delivery
The modern and fast ship Sparta IV joined the Oboronlogistics fleet in may 2018.
29 August 2020
The results of the Forum ARMY-2020
Oboronlogistics highly appreciates the practical significance of its work at the ARMY-2020 Forum.
28 August 2020
Oboronlogistics signed a Protocol on joining the Association for assistance to the implementation of the state defense order
ASVGOZ was created to develop standards for the quality of services.