29 November 2022
Safety first of all!
Oboronlogistics Group took part in the training sessions of captains-mentors.
25 November 2022
Oboronlogistics in the health service
Specialists of "OBL-trans" carried out control over the transportation of cargo along the entire route
17 November 2022
Cement is at full speed
Every week ferries make 2-3 trips with cement.
14 November 2022
The Syrian express is loaded "to the brim"
A large batch of commercial cargo was transported from the port of Novorossiysk to the port of Tartus.
10 November 2022
Back on top
Most of all traffic on the Kerch ferry crossing was carried out by ferries Lavrentiy and Maria.
9 November 2022
"Sea devils" on board
Ambal delivered to Baltiysk a cargo with equipment  for filming the next season of the adventure thriller "Sea Devils".
3 November 2022
October: traffic volumes are growing
The indicators of ferry transportation organized by the specialists of Oboronlogistics LLC in October 2022 increased significantly.
3 November 2022
Sparta II in Baltiysk
Sparta II has been relocated from Novorossiysk to Baltiysk.
25 October 2022
To the sports victories with Ambal
Oboronlogistics LLC assisted in organizing the III festival of the All-Russian Sports Complex Ready for Work and Defense in Kaliningrad.
21 October 2022
Automation eliminates queues
The situation with the loading of rolling equipment is being stabilized.
18 October 2022
Great start!
Maria and Lavrenty have delivered more than 7,000 passengers and 3,000 heavy-duty vehicles.
13 October 2022
Electric trains fly over the sea
The park of new trains in the Kaliningrad Region increased to 11 units.
11 October 2022
Mariya and Lavrentiy are back on the line Crimea-Caucasus
Currently, both ferries operate on the Kerch Ferry Crossing.
7 October 2022
"Pipes in the morning – oil in the evening"
Another batch of Syrian olive oil arrived.
6 October 2022
The carrying capacity of the Ust-Luga – Baltiysk line is increasing
General Chernyakhovsky tentered the Ust-Luga – Baltiysk line.
30 September 2022
Sparta is near!
Sparta ship on the Ust-Luga – Baltiysk sea line.
28 September 2022
Marine Congress in new circumstances

Representatives of Oboronlogistics LLC will take part in the events of the Maritime Congress in 2022. The delegation will include Deputy General Director, Fleet Director and Technical Director of the company.

The largest event in the marine industry will take place on October...

14 September 2022
Striped trips
The capabilities of ferries allow for the transportation delicate goods that require a special approach during transportation.
9 September 2022
Baltic seasons to be!
The Baltic Seasons Festival is a long-awaited event among residents and guests of the Kaliningrad region.