Murmansk Coastal Terminal is created within the Group of companies Oboronlogistics
6 November 2018

The main activity of the enterprise is receiving, storage and transshipment of goods (production) with a wide possibility of the nomenclature.

The Сompany has:

quays with total length of 291,4 m, open loading and unloading platforms with usable area of 3100 m2, and cold storage facilities with total area of 7659 m2, indoor parking space 634,8 м2 from the total area, office and other technical premises with total area of 1584,2 m2.

The warehouse is able to receive and dispatch cargoes by sea, rail and road.

To ensure the delivery, shipment and reception of various materials a railway deadlock belonging to PAO RZhD runs parallel to the quayage.

Contact information:

Address: Nizhne-Rostinskoe shosse 28, Murmansk 183017

Contact person:

Deputy General Director: Semenov Vladimir Vasilievich

Mob.: +7(921)040-99-40


General Director of OOO MKT: Lebed’ Yuri Alekseevich