Oboronlogistics sums up 2018
28 December 2018
Oboronlogistics group of companies sums up the expiring 2018. During the year, the company has achieved significant success, expanded its presence in the logistics market, increased capitalization, improved the management system within the company, implemented a number of important promising projects.
The capitalization of Oboronlogistics holding company according to the results of 2018 increased by 1.5 billion rubles and amounted to more than 9 billion. In 2018 the holding structure of Oboronlogistics included the following enterprises: 1470 UMTO, Oboronaviahran and Lomonosovskaya Tsentralnaya Basa Tekhnicheskogo Imushchestva (LTsBTI), which allowed Oboronlogistics to expand its opportunities in the field of warehouse logistics throughout the Russian Federation. The increase of the number of the points of acceptance, storage and transshipment of goods will optimize costs and increase the profitability of the group of companies.
In 2018, the company increased and modernized its fleet. The latest maritime navigation system was installed on the railway ferry Ambal, operating on the line Ust-Luga – Baltiysk. Sparta III started sea transportation in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea after scheduled maintenance. The Sparta IV bulk carrier reflagging process was completed. With the aim of consolidating management of all the transport vessels of the holding during the reorganization of the subsidiary shipping company of  SK ARKTIC in Oboronlogistics group of companies  subsidiary company OBL-Shipping was established.
For the implementation of activities within the Northern delivery program in the coming season Oboronlogistics has prepared the contract on designing their own raid self-propelled barges which now is on the conclusion phase. In 2018, a number of towing operations, including sea operations, which were performed in difficult weather conditions were carried out by efforts of the SC NORTH-WEST subsidiary company. Practical experience in marine towing of the objects of different classes will be further used in the development of this activity.
In September 2018 as part of implementation of the tasks stipulated by the Government of the Russian Federation, where Oboronlogistics is defined the sole provider of the works and services for the delivery of military goods and tangible property to the Kurile and Arctic island zones of the Russian Federation, the Company ahead of schedule completed the actions according to the state contract of the Ministry of Defense of Russia related to Northern delivery program: delivery of food, medicines, equipment, fuel products and building materials from Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Vladivostok and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to the islands of Belushya Guba (Novaya Zemlya archipelago), Alexandra Land (Franz Josef land archipelago), Sredny (Severnaya Zemlya archipelago), Kotelny, Wrangel, Cape Schmidt. More than 4,000 tons of cargo were delivered to the Arctic zone and more than 5,000 tons to Novaya Zemlya. 800 tons of technical equipment and about 1,500 tons of scrap metal were exported in the opposite direction as part of the Arctic environmental clean-up program.
In 2018 Oboronlogistics celebrated a year since opening of the flight connection between Arkhangelsk and Novaya Zemlya. Throughout a year, Oboronlogistics together with its subsidiary OBL-SERVIS operated 87 Arkhangelsk - Rogachevo settlm. return flights, transported 3.5 thousand passengers, including 1.7 thousand passengers with military transportation documents in the interests of the Ministry of Defense, and 136 tons of cargo.
In 2018, the specialists of Oboronlogistics together with its subsidiary OBL-SERVIS created the system of preparation and implementation of multimodal freight transport on a turnkey basis with the control in real-time. The first draft of the integrated air delivery in 2018 has included the full implementation of the eighteen takeoffs and landings on sixteen airfields, including six overseas. In the interests of the Customer with the assistance of OAO 224 Letny otryad 275 tons of various, including oversize cargo were transported, the total flight time - 81 hours, and the length of the route is more than 77,000 km, which is equivalent to two flights around the Earth at the equator.
An important milestone in the development of Oboronlogistics was the release of the order by the Government of the Russian Federation, according to which Oboronlogistics has the right to use its vessels in the international transportation of civilian goods via Geoport of Novorossiysk. In this regard, Oboronlogistika together with the Military Construction Complex of the Ministry of Defense of Russia (GVSU No. 4) started the development of the logistics terminal in Novorossiysk for shipment, storage, and processing of export and import cargo of Oboronlogistics customers.
Since December 18, 2018 the Oboronlogistics group of companies is included into the register of customs representatives and has the opportunity to declare the customs goods on its behalf. The license of the customs representative gives advantage to the Company in providing comprehensive logistics services to the customers throughout Russia.
In 2018 Oboronlogistics expanded its offices in the regions of the Russian Federation due to the successful development of the Company. Since February 19, 2018, the representative office of the subsidiary company OBL-Shipping and the subsidiary company SC NORTH-WEST are located in the new office, located at: Izmailovsky Avenue, 15, St. Petersburg. Oboronlogistics placed the representative office in Arkhangelsk in the building of the Northern sea shipping company at the address: Embankment of the Northern Dvina st., 36. Renovated building with a showroom in Goncharnaya street in Moscow prepared to host Situational and Logistics Center of Oboronlogistics.
In 2018, the Company took part in a number of major international exhibitions and forums, including the transport and logistics exhibition of services and technologies TransRussia/Translogistica 2018 and the international military-technical forum ARMY-2018. The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation attended the interactive stand of Oboronlogistics, presented in the form of the ship Sparta IV and highly appreciated the work of the Company. As part of the business program of the International military-technical forum Army-2018 Oboronlogistics organized a Round table, the topics of which were aimed at improving the system of transportation of military products in the performance of the state defense order and programs of military-technical cooperation. In the course of its work on the initiative of Oboronlogistics the Charter of responsible carriers and logistics operators in the market of transportation of military and special purpose products was established, it contains a set of self-regulation principles of transport services in the performance of contracts under the state and military-technical service. The Forum Organizing Committee awarded the Oboronlogistics company in the nomination Best exposition as part of the united exposition of the Military Сonstruction Сomplex of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.
Also in 2018, Oboronlogistics took measures to change the brand, logo and corporate identity, created a new website and launched a corporate magazine. The main task of rebranding is to increase the Company's recognition in the market and attract new customers.
In 2018, the Company paid attention to charity, in particular, supported a number of educational projects of the Youth Maritime League (YML) – a regional public organization to promote the development of the younger generation.
By results of work of the Company in 2018, the President of the Russian Federation instructed the Government of the Russian Federation to determine Oboronlogistics the sole provider of the works and services for the delivery of military cargo and material possessions to the Arctic zone and the Far Eastern region of the Russian Federation in 2019 and 2020, which will allow the Company to develop fruitfully in the future.