Sparta III is following the Northern sea route
19 August 2019
Sparta III is following the Northern sea route Ship Sparta III, the largest container ship in the Oboronlogistics fleet, follows the Northern sea route from China to Europe.

The vessel operates a commercial sailing from Shanghai and transports equipment from Chinese manufacturers for European customers. During the summer navigation period from August to October, the Northern sea route is optimally short and fast for the delivery of project cargo from Asia to Europe. Oboronlogistics plans to continue its work in this area.

Sparta III is an universal dry cargo vessel of RO-RO/LO-LO class (horizontal and vertical loading), designed for transportation of goods of various classes: General cargo, including oversized, containers in the amount of more than 800 TEU, heavy equipment, vehicles and other types of cargo. The carrying capacity of each of the two Sparta III cranes is 350 tons, which characterizes the ship as a Heavy Lift Cargo Vessel.