Oboronlogistics at the conference "Situational centers: focus of cross-sectoral interests-2019"
3 September 2019
Oboronlogistics at the conference "Situational centers: focus of cross-sectoral interests-2019" The representatives of LLC Oboronlogistics took part in the ninth conference of "Situational centers: the focus of cross-sectoral interests – 2019", which was held on 28 and 29 August 2019 at the Congress center of Moscow technical University of communications and Informatics.

There were also representatives of Ministry of defense of Russia, Ministry of construction, Ministry of energy, Ministry of transport, Ministry of agriculture, "Rosneft", "Atomflot", etc.

The aim of the conference was to consolidate inter-sectoral efforts to promote and promote situational management tools. Participants exchanged experience in the design and operation of the situational and control centers in various industrie.
The introduction of situational-logistic center of LLC Oboronlogistics (SLC) launched in 2017. The center's work is based on a unique domestic software product that has no analogues in Russia – automated logistics information system (ALISA), which allows monitoring and management of both marine and aviation, rail and road cargo flows.

The functionality of the system automatize all the work associated with orders (military and civilian) and includes: order taking, processing, customer, selection of appropriate free ship, destination, collecting information about weather, ice conditions, changes in conditions in the ports, etc.

Now Oboronlogistics continues to expand the functionality of the Situational logistics center. The plans include automation of workplaces of marine line agents and improvement of the pricing module. Oboronlogistics also supports the idea of creating joint information centers with other state and commercial entities and corporations.