Sparta III returned from long-distance route
6 March 2020
Sparta III returned from long-distance route Sparta III, the largest cargo ship in the Oboronlogistics fleet, completed a long voyage from the Asia-Pacific region to St. Petersburg with the delivery of associated cargo on the route.
In October 2019, the ship made the transition to South-East Asia in the interests of the customer. In the opposite direction, a number of commercial goods were delivered: about 7,000 tons of steel products EN route from the port of Almeria (Spain) to the port of Gdynia (Poland) and 810 tons of disassembled construction equipment from China to St. Petersburg.

In total, the ship was in transit for 5 months. Despite the risks of passing through pirate-dangerous zones and difficult weather conditions, the specialists of OBL-Shipping LLC (a subsidiary of Oboronlogistics LLC) successfully completed the tasks of forming and delivering associated cargo and ship's reserves in various points of the world ocean.
In the next two months Sparta III will be undergoing scheduled repairs at the ship repair plant in Saint Petersburg and will undergo an annual qualification inspection.

Sparta III is a purpose cargo ship RO-RO/LO-LO (vertical and horizontal loading), intended for transportation of various class: general cargo (including oversized), containers of more than 800 TEU, heavy equipment (cars and other types of cargo). It is equipped with two cranes with lifting capacity of 350 tons, which positions the ship as a Heavy Lift Cargo Vessel.

Universal bulk carriers of Oboronlogistics Sparta,   Sparta II, Sparta III,   Sparta IV and Pizgma are designed to work on long-distance routes. Coordination of fleet movement is carried out by the Situational logistics center (SLC) of Oboronlogistics. The SLC operating system processes information and allows planning transportation based on weather conditions, sea traffic, ship status, and port infrastructure capabilities.