Vessels of Oboronlogistics received the new software
9 July 2021
Vessels of Oboronlogistics received the new software

As part of the development of the Situational Logistics Center (SLC), the specialists of Oboronlogistics LLC implemented new software on the company's ships.

The software of Dispatching Messages which is part of the SLC software complex was installed on Sparta, Sparta II and Pizhma. The performance tests of the new software were successfully carried out using various types of communication, including satellite.

The command staff of the vessels was trained to work in the new software and received detailed instructions. During the training the recommendations of the crew members were taken into account and the functionality was improved.

The new software facilitates the work of captains and senior assistants, structuralizes reference books and databases, speeds up the process of transmitting messages between the company's vessels and the Dispatching Department of Oboronlogistics LLC.

The SLC is used by Oboronlogistics to control the company's ships, cargo and container fleet, coordinate transport and logistics operations, and manage transportation performed by its own and chartered fleet. SLC allows to display information about all stages of transportation. The company's clients can also work in the Customer's Personal Account.