Sparta IV delivered cargo to the Yamal Peninsula
15 November 2021
Sparta IV delivered cargo to the Yamal Peninsula

In November 2021, Sparta IV completed to deliver cargo to Cape Kharasaway of the Yamal Peninsula.

From the port of Arkhangelsk to the port point of Kharasaway, the vessel transported about 4 thousand tons of construction cargo intended for the Kharasaway gas condensate field. Unloading operations were carried out in raid conditions using crane mechanization on river-sea vessels in unfavorable hydrometeorological conditions of the autumn period. All works on the delivery and unloading of goods was carried out by specialists of LLC Oboronlogistics on time and with proper quality.

The modern ship Sparta IV is an Arc3 ice class vessel and has a permit from Administration of the NSR to work in the waters of the Northern Sea Route. The ship is equipped with two cargo cranes with a lifting capacity of 55 tons each, which allows you to quickly carry out cargo handling on your own.

Sparta IV joined the fleet of Oboronlogistics in May 2018 and solves the tasks of delivering containerized, general and bulk cargo, as well as transports cargo requiring special conditions, including perishable products, dangerous goods, cars, heavy machinery and oversized cargo.

The Kharasaway gas condensate field is located on the western coast of the Yamal Peninsula and in the waters of the Kara Sea. Currently, its full-scale development, construction of life support facilities, transport and energy infrastructure is underway.