To the new shores!
22 November 2021
To the new shores!

Due to the end of the summer navigation in 2021, the vessels of Oboronlogistics LLC have completed the delivery of goods in the Arctic region and, having received all the necessary permits, are starting to carry out international transportation in the interests of state and commercial customers.

In 2021, Oboronlogistics vessels delivered more than 45 thousand tons of cargo to the Arctic points for the Military Construction Complex of the Russian Defense Ministry, the oil and gas complex and other organizations involved in the development of the Arctic and the construction of industrial and social infrastructure facilities in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. In addition, the company's vessels were regularly used to export scrap metal and used equipment as part of the Arctic cleanup program.

In the interests of the Military Construction Complex, 3 consecutive flights were carried out on the route Murmansk - Franz Josef Land Archipelago. About 24 thousand tons of construction cargo of various categories were delivered to Alexandra Island in the Franz Josef Land archipelago.

About 8 thousand tons of construction materials in the interests of contractors of the Military Construction Complex of the Ministry of Defense of Russia were delivered along the route Murmansk - Belushya Bay of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago.

11 thousand tons of cargo intended for the construction of infrastructure facilities in the oil and gas industry were transported from the port of Arkhangelsk to the port of Sabetta. Unloading of vessels in the port of Sabetta was carried out both at the berth and on the roadstead using ship cranes.

From the port of Arkhangelsk to the port point of Kharasaway on the Yamal Peninsula, the Oboronlogistics vessel delivered 4 thousand tons of construction cargo intended for the Kharasaway gas condensate field.

Universal bulk carriers of Oboronlogistics LLC with an unlimited navigation area can carry any type of cargo, have holds and cargo decks for rolling equipment and container placement. The presence of ship cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 350 tons allows you to carry out operational cargo handling on your own.